Enterprise Agile Transformation from Team to Portfolio

Agile Coaching


The key to success with agile is turning what you learn into the way you work, and making sure you don’t slip back into your old habits.

Training is just the beginning. To succeed with agile, you need to change how you work – permanently. In our experience the most effective way to do this is through coaching and mentoring: close support that zooms in on your challenges and weaknesses and turns them into strengths.


Coaching and mentoring are the best ways to embed skills in your organization so you get the greatest benefit. It’s all about making agile so much part of how you work that it becomes second nature to you. You can then get better quality results in less time: your customers will be more satisfied and you will achieve a greater return on the time and money you have invested.

Coach and not lead

It is about creating an environment and a level of support that allows you to enjoy the successes and learn from the failures. Old habits die hard and to deliver more accurate solutions while responding to rapid change you need an experienced coach who knows what to do.

  • Coaching involves facilitating your learning – enabling it to happen more quickly and more successfully 
  • A coach is a partner whose job is to transfer skills and to do this at many levels – on an individual level, team level and organisational level

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