Enterprise Agile Transformation from Team to Portfolio


Agile Leadership - Agile Lean Leadership

We’re pioneers in the agile world with a long history and a proven track record. We help organizations become agile in a balanced way that’s designed to succeed in the real world. Our focus is to deliver so you deliver: we’re here to make agile work for you.

ITD consultants have been using Agile since the mid-nineties – in fact since before the birth of the Agile Manifesto. A key foundation to our expertise is rooted in iterative design and prototyping as well as incremental delivery. Our Agile training and consultancy services are cornerstones of organizations of all shapes and sizes from local division of multinational corporations to scaling at enterprise level. We are a pioneering company, often doing and thinking unconventionally and frequently challenging the status quo.

Today we are a thought leader in agile, pioneering new approaches and offering a fresh, thought provoking perspective. But we never lose our laser focus on the bottom line: results in the real world.