Enterprise Agile Transformation from Team to Portfolio



Interactive Team Dynamics offers a range of high quality targeted training services.   You need to absorb the insights that can only come from people who ‘do agile’ in the cut and thrust of the real world.  We are trainers that do more than training, we live and breath Agile.  We are experienced in scaling Agile from Team to Portfolio™ and continuously update our skills through real world implementation experience.

The Big Picture

At Interactive Team Dynamics we ensure that your training covers the big picture. How Agile fits into the culture of your organization? How you implement what you learn? What are the softer skills you need to complement your training? We’ll help you apply your new skills for optimum results.

Public Courses

Learn how to apply agile in the real world and benefit from the advantages it brings.  We won’t train you merely to pass an exam but to excel in the real world.

    • Training courses developed from real world experience
    • Industry recognized certification from the Scaled Agile Academy
    • Agile for real world application

In-house Training

Our in-house training is designed to be dynamic, interactive and fun, to make an immediate impact, and above all to deliver results. Our focus is to provide our customers with the maximum benefit from the course and to deliver the blend of training solutions that serves our clients best.

    • Targeted training developed and customized to your needs from real world experience
    • Provide knowledge to scale Agile from Team to Portfolio™ using the successful frameworks such as SAFe, DAD and LESS
    • Combine classroom training, remote training and on the job training